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Kiel Olver

5 Ways to Get More Clients as a Swimming Instructor

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If you teach private swimming lessons you should always be looking for ways to bring in new students. No single method will help you acquire all the clients you'll ever need but the following strategies are relatively low effort and can yield great results.

A swimming instructor teaches a young student client to glide.

1. Posting to Local Listing Websites 🖥

Lots of people head to Craigslist or Kijiji to find local services. Posting once in awhile is free, so try posting in areas your clients may be looking for other services such as childcare, tutoring, or personal training. If you scope out the competition, most listings you'll find are from people teaching in public or condo pools without proper permissions or insurance. If you teach legitimately through Propel, be sure to mention that you're fully qualified, insured, and have legitimate access to an amazing pool. Trust me, your future clients will thank you!

2. Create Loyal Clients 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️

Word of mouth is the most persuasive form of advertising because it usually comes from a trusted source. Establishing a genuine connection and regularly going the extra mile for your clients will not only help you retain them for longer, it will also ensure they recommend you to others, should the opportunity ever arise.

3. Ask Clients for Referrals 💬

The very best swimming instructors sometimes have a hard time retaining clients. This is because when clients learn how to swim, they no longer need someone to teach them anymore. When you've helped a client achieve their goals, take a moment to ask them if they know anyone else who might benefit from your expertise. You might be surprised how many people will refer a friend or two, simply because you asked.

4. Post Flyers on Community Boards 📌

When most people look for swimming lessons they usually try to sign up at their local public pool and then end up waitlisted, unaware that other options exist. To help these people learn that they can book with you, consider printing some flyers and distributing them around your neighbourhood. Local coffee shops, libraries, community centres, ice rinks, day cares, and schools are all great places that often have open community boards.

Propel Pro-Tip: Swimming Instructor Flyer Template

Designing an attractive flyer can be difficult, so use our free Swimming Instructor Flyer Template! To use it, just click File > Make a Copy, then replace the profile photo, description, and short URL link and you'll be ready to print in just a few minutes. Also, don't forget to swap the QR code image as well, so that users can pop to your booking page simply by pointing their smartphone camera at your flyer!

5. Never Stop Recruiting 📈

Even if your schedule is completely full, you should always continue marketing yourself.

Why? Because of the law of supply and demand.

You don't need to be an economist to understand that if the demand for your talent outgrows what you are able to deliver, the result is excess demand. In response to excess demand, you should consider raising your prices and working less, while making more. This is how all in-demand professions work and swimming instruction is no different.


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