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Kiel Olver

What to Do While You Wait

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At Propel, we’re proud to have helped thousands of people book lessons, learning how to swim in 12 different cities across Canada – and we’re just getting started. If you were wondering when you might have an opportunity to try Propel for yourself, read on!

The good news: We’re coming for all of you. Parents with kids, learning adults, swim instructors, coaches, and everyone in between. We’re working to bring Propel to a pool near you, like your lives depend on it – because they do.

Before we dive in, if you’re eager for Propel to come to your city let us know! Sign up to get notified when Propel is available near you if you haven’t already.

🏙 Bringing Propel to your city

Propel has always been about making private lessons more flexible and accessible. Helping reduce the barriers that keep swimming instructors and learning swimmers from organizing their own lessons, providing them with access to local pools and a trusted booking system.

If you’d love for Propel to come to your city, there are a few things that you can do to help us get there faster.

1. Get Our Attention

We will never know there’s a problem in your city unless you tell us. Are there long waitlists in your city? Is lesson registration clunky or unfair? If so, we want to hear about it!

2. Recommend a Pool

Once we know there’s an opportunity to help in your city, we’ll need to find a local pool partner. Warms intros are the best way to convince pool owners to host lessons. So if you already know a great spot that could be used for private lessons, let us know!

3. Get involved in our community

Help us spread the word that the current aquatics landscape is in desperate need of innovation by joining the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin. We also love when swimmers and instructors inspire others, sharing photos and stories of their latest aquatic adventures!

Wanna “pool” our resources together? 😅

🌎 Dude, where’s my pool?

In case you hadn’t checked out our locations list, Propel is currently available in Canadian cities Vancouver, Toronto, and more recently Calgary. The plan is to continue growing in Canada through 2021 and then expand into the US in 2022.

When deciding which cities to expand to next, we usually look for the following:

  • ☑️ Long swimming lesson waitlists or lotteries
  • ☑️ Sign up through clunky or archaic registration systems
  • ☑️ High population density cities rather than smaller towns

If your city checks any of those boxes, let us know either by signing up for the waitlist or sending us an email!