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7 Things to Bring for Swimming Lessons

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An overhead view of some swimming goggles, a swim cap, and a mobile phone on top of a towel.
Some swimming gear is more helpful than others. (photo: Freepik)

So you've booked swimming lessons and realized that you have no idea what you should bring with you. A swimsuit and towel seem like obvious essentials but there are other things which may help you both learn to swim faster and keep you comfortable throughout your lesson experience.

A women's swimsuit, pair of swimming trunks, and pair of goggles lay on a towel, viewed from overhead.
A swimsuits, towel, and pair of goggles are must haves for any learning swimmer.

The Essentials

1. Proper Swimwear

This could be anything from swimming trunks to a full swim suit. Shorts, bikinis, and swim suits should be tight fitting or tied properly to avoid falling off when moving through the water at speed. For extra warmth, add a rash guard or light wetsuit on top of your normal swimwear.

2. A Towel

Even if towels are provided at the facility you are headed to, you might want to bring one just in case they run out. If you are self conscious about walking around in your swim suit, a towelling robe is also nice to cover up and stay warm with.

3. Swimming Goggles

Most instructors will recommend that students of all ages wear at least a basic pair of swimming goggles. A good pair of swimming goggles can be purchased from any sporting good store for between $10 and $25. Don't cheap out on dollar store goggles as they often leak or break easily being made of lower quality plastic.

An overhead view of optional swimming equipment scattered across a blue wooden floor.
There are many optional pieces of swim equipment worth considering.

Totally Optional

4. Swim Cap or Hair Ties

For anyone with long hair, a swim cap or set of hair ties does wonders to keep your hair out of your face. There's nothing worse then coming up for a breath of air and getting a mouth full of watery hair instead.

5. Toiletries

Take care of your hair after lessons by remembering to bring shampoo, conditioner, a hair brush and any other hair products you regularly use. Lotion is also a good idea, if you find your skin dries after swimming in public pools.

6. Flip Flops

Pool decks and changing rooms can be wet, slippery, and sometimes yucky. A pair of flip flops prevents your feet from coming into contact with any of that.

7. Waterproof or Plastic Bag

To keep your wet and dry things separated, it pays to have a plastic bag to store your wet things in. A reusable bag is best for the environment but a disposable plastic bag will also do in a pinch if nothing else is available.

Most facilities do not allow glass, food, or drinks on the pool deck.

Things to Avoid

1. Glass, Food or Drink

These items are not permitted on most pool decks and for good reason. Food and drink often find their way onto the pool deck where people are not wearing shoes. And glass can ruins everyone's day, causing most pools to be shut down and fully drained anytime there is broken glass around the pool area. So if you do want to stay hydrated, make sure to bring it in a plastic water bottle!

2. Street Clothes

It might seem like a good idea to recycle old clothes by turning them into swimwear. Unfortunately everyday wear including cut-off jeans are usually not permitted because these materials often fall apart and clog pool filters.

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