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How Much Do Swimming Lessons Cost?

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How Much Do Swimming Lessons Cost?

Have you decided for yourself, your kids, or your partner, that it's time to sign up for swimming lessons? Maybe you're hoping to swim on your next vacation or you just want your kids to be safe around the water. Either way, the first question you're probably thinking is, how much is this going to cost?

"Each provider offers different classes and packages that vary by class length, number of students per class, and price"

There are many swimming lesson providers ranging from city-run lessons to private franchises. Each provider offers different classes and packages that vary by class length, number of students per class, and price. Since it can be difficult to compare between these options, we did some digging to find out exactly how much each of these options is going to cost you.

It's About Time

There are three types of swimming lessons generally available to new swimmers and the main difference between them is the number of students in each class.

You might expect that private lessons are the most expensive, with semi-privates and group lessons getting cheaper as you add more students. However, if you consider the cost per minute of individual attention you might be surprised.

Group Swim Lessons

In the City of Vancouver, a typical group class costs about $62 for 10 half hour lessons or $1.24/minute of individual attention. Proceeding with that as our baseline, let's then consider semi-private lessons.

Semi-Private Lessons

"If you consider the cost per minute of individual attention you might be surprised."

Aquaventures in Vancouver and Felix Swim School in Toronto both specialize in semi-private lessons with 3 or 4 students per class. With half hour classes costing $23 and $35 respectively, these lessons actually cost a whopping $3.00/minute! Students in semi-private lessons definitely learn faster than they do in group lessons but that should come as no surprise, given that they are paying more than twice as much.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered in most facilities at a variety of different price points, with the industry average hovering at about $1.61/min. This puts private instruction closer to group lessons than semi-privates in terms of value, which is why many public facilities also offer private lessons.

Propel Lessons

As an alternative to traditional swim lesson providers, Propel allows you to book private lessons directly with swimming instructors for as low as $55/hour ($0.92/min). In fact, even if you wanted to go all out and book with a 30 year industry legend, it would still only cost you $80/hr, which works out to $1.33/min.

How Much Do Swimming Lessons Cost?

If we judge cost by the price per minute of individual attention, private lessons by Propel, provide the most value followed by group lessons, private lessons, and finally semi-private lessons.


  1. In general, group lessons provide decent value and this is possible because these lessons are highly subsidized by the government or non-profit organizations.
  2. Semi-private lessons are actually much more costly than both group and private lessons.
  3. Because Propel lessons are booked directly with instructors and are operated out of under-utilized facilities, Propel is able to offer lessons that provide even more value than public group lessons.

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