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Welcome to Propel

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Hey! Welcome to Propel, it's great to have you :)

If you don't yet know what this website is about, let me tell you...

We are on a mission to bring the aquatics industry into the 21st century. Fusing platform technology with shared economy principles, we have created the first online marketplace to offer private swimming lessons in under-utilized pools. From hotels to backyards, most private pools are well maintained yet rarely used and so by opening up these venues to qualified instructors and automating booking, payment, and insurance — we are enabling instructors to self-employ and collectively create a whole new personal swim instruction industry.

But Why?

While working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor during college, once a season I would observe a circus of parents camping out in-person or online to register for swim lessons like they were trying to get tickets to a concert. While media on the issue had centred around the problem of registering for swim lessons, I seemed to be the only person who recognized that the real problem had to do with the lack of available pool space and that without access to more of it, teaching additional people how to swim simply wouldn't be possible.

Parents line up while waiting to register their children in swimming lessons

My intuition was proven correct when multiple cities spent millions overhauling their registration systems and the only result was that people were able to queue up into more orderly yet growing waitlists. I conducted some research and discovered that more than half of all parents were unable to consistently register for or attend swim lessons due to 1) a lack of lesson availability and 2) rigid lesson times that didn't fit their busy lifestyles.

"We are enabling instructors to self-employ and collectively create a whole new personal swim instruction industry."

I believe that this inconsistency is ultimately what causes people to give up altogether on learning the essential life skill of swimming. Realizing that technology could help us better utilize existing pool space while providing greater flexibility and choice to consumers, I set out to radically change the aquatics landscape.

But How?

My team and I have created a truly unique three way marketplace platform that allows anyone with a pool to admit certified swim instructors and their clients into their pools for private swimming lessons. We have added lesson availability without adversely impacting the environment and are working to bring the learn-to-swim industry into the 21st century by giving Canadians more flexible and affordable options, including their choice of location, schedule, and instructor.

Propel — The New Learn-to-Swim Experience

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Propel is a marketplace platform that creates access to affordable private swimming lessons by connecting new swimmers, experienced instructors, and under-utilized swimming pools — all in one seamless booking process.

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